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  • Avishay Ovadia

Demystifying Restaking: Why Collider Backs Othentic

Othentic empowers developers to focus on what they do best: building groundbreaking protocols. By minimizing development barriers and accelerating time to market, the Othentic Stack paves the way for a more efficient and scalable future. Here at Collider, we're proud to join Othentic on this exciting journey, together with Finality, Breyer Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Bankless Ventures, Robot VC, Hashkey, Everstake, PunkDAO, and notable angels as Anthony Sassano, Founder DailyGwei, Mike Silagadze, Co-Founder of EtherFi, David Tse, Co-Founder Babylon and more.

The Future of crypto is Built on Simplicity

EigenLayer is tackling one of the biggest bottlenecks to innovation in the crypto ecosystem – bootstrapping networks – allowing protocols to focus on their core functionalities without worrying about bootstrapping trust or securing their networks. This is done via restaking, a novel approach that leverages Ethereum network security to secure additional protocols without the need for each of them to establish their own validator set. This is one of the biggest unlocks 

The Challenge for Crypto Builders

Imagine you're building the next groundbreaking crypto application or protocol. Ideally, you want to maximize security, independence, and decentralization while keeping costs and time to market low. Traditionally, your options involved spinning up a separate blockchain, AppChain, or layer, incentivizing validators, and hoping you attract enough power to secure your project. This approach is not only time-consuming and expensive, but it also creates technical hurdles.

Introducing EigenLayer: Shared Security to the Rescue

EigenLayer offers a revolutionary solution: shared security. This allows developers to "rent" the security of an established blockchain, like the second-biggest one in the world, for their own projects. This eliminates the need to build their own security infrastructure from scratch, saving both time and resources.

Sounds too good to be true? Here's the catch

While EigenLayer offers a powerful solution, deploying on it or similar restaking protocols like Babylon can be complex. As an AVS developer, you'd typically need to handle tasks like:

  • Deploying your core service on a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

  • Spinning up a network of operators

  • Building a Consensus Engine for unique node specifications 

  • Submit and audit the operators’ attestations

  • Managing reward distribution and enforcing slashing and penalties

  • Integrating with EigenLayer smart contracts

Enter Othentic: The Orchestration Layer for Shared Security

This is where Othentic comes in. Their game-changing solution, the Othentic Stack, simplifies development on EigenLayer and other restaking protocols. Here's how the Othentic Stack empowers AVS developers:

  • Pre-Built Components: Leverage a library of production-ready components, allowing developers to focus on their core service logic instead of reinventing the wheel

  • Reduced Engineering Overhead: Abstract away complex infrastructure details and minimize engineering time

  • Faster Time to Market: Get your applications up and running quickly and efficiently

Stateless Rollups - Decentralized Off-Chain Computation 

Othentic introduces a framework for Stateless Rollups, a promising avenue for decentralized compute scalability, offering a flexible and secure framework to execute off-chain computations. Stateless Rollups, which applicable for the vast majority of potential AVSs, are computing networks that provide services to other networks or applications without being constrained by any particular blockchain.

The Othentic & EigenLayer Combo: A Developer's Dream

By combining the power of EigenLayer with the ease of use provided by the Othentic Stack, developers can easily build and self-deploy a wide range of innovative applications, including:

Oracles, bridges, relayer networks, secure computations, private authentication systems, AI inference, efficient data exchange and collaboration within the crypto ecosystem.

Call to Action

So, if you’re an AVS developer and about to spin up a novel distributed system or a Node Operator who is interested in securing systems, you’re welcome to submit and get early access to scaling the shared security movement. Apply here:


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