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Shaping the Future of the Internet.

Founded in 2018, Collider Ventures is a venture capital fund focused on digital assets and the digital economy.

The firm actively invests in digital assets and early-stage startups to support the next generation of companies, protocols, and products that are building the digital native economy.

The team is composed of web3 professionals with years of experience in Venture Capital, Private Equity, Legal, Finance and Community building. 


We help bootstrap networks and projects by putting our capital and assets to work and by attracting additional capital from our Limited Partners and our network. We have a hands-on approach with most companies we work with, from designing token economics, helping with hiring and business development or by participating in the community we invest in.

Investment Themes.

Decentralized Finance.


Transferring assets globally is still a fractioned system which was not architected for the efficiency of the internet.


DeFi is the internet of value, allowing a 24/7, frictionless and internet-based finance.

  • DeFi Protocol

  • Marketplaces

  • Lending and Borrowing

  • Credit / Leverage

  • Exchange / Market Maker

  • Social Tokens

  • Digital Art

  • NFTs

  • Collectibles

  • Exchange / Market Maker

The creator economy is the next phase of business models and technologies that enable creators to monetize their content and create new forms of engagement with fans.

Creator Economy.


L1/2, Infrastructure and tooling.


As blockchains continue get widely adopted, getting to a global scale and supporting the next wave of billions of users is one of the biggest challenges in the industry.

  • L2 and Scaling solutions

  • Bridges / Fiat Ramps

  • Developer Tools

  • Indexing and Monitoring

  • Compliance, RegTech

  • General Infrastructure

  • Play 2 Earn

  • Metaverse

  • Gaming Studios

  • In-game Items

  • Gaming DAOs

The ability to build open, digital economies which are player-owned, and to combine playing, speculating, and free market economies is the next phase of digital games.





Web3 utilizes blockchains and cryptocurrencies to build the next generation of the web, which is more private, trustless, permissionless, with less intermediaries and with native built-in payments.

  • Identity

  • DAOs

  • Privacy

  • Governance Design

  • Compliance, RegTech

  • Cooperation

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