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Investor in Residence.

Helping entrepreneurs thrive.


Who We Are

Collider Labs pairs with early stage companies from inception by providing them with initial capital, an Investor in Residence mentorship, and a network of experts

What Differs Us from other Accelerators

Most incubation programs have a rigid and inflexible curriculum, wasting entrepreneurs’ time and focus. At Collider Labs, we pair with entrepreneurs and give them close support. We join their team and adjust ourselves to their needs. We are Investors in Residence.

What are we Looking for

We believe that Web 3.0 is not only a technological revolution; it’s an economical revolution. Together we will build financial rails that are fair, transparent, secured, private, and promote alignment of interest. Let's build the New Economy.



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Avishay Ovadia
Founding Partner

Founding Venture Partner at Collider Ventures, blockchain community builder, advisor at Portis (Acquired by ShapeShift), serial entrepreneur, and Forbes 30Under30 2018.


Investor in Residence at Collider Labs. Entrepreneur and community builder at DAOstack, The Crypto China, Comon, ironSource, and Israel Bitcoin Summit.


Head of Research at Collider, research analyst in the cryptocurrency space, produced extensive market reports at F1rst. Additional background in Neuroscience and Marketing.


Founding Partner at Collider Ventures, founded multiple companies including Binpress in 2015. Former venture partner at 500 Startups - world’s most active seed fund.


Founding Partner at Collider Ventures, an Israeli angel investor in blockchain since 2013. Co-founder of the Israeli bitcoin association, investor in biggest crypto OTC in Israel.

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Associate and Head of Legal and Research at Collider Ventures, a corporate background from Israel's leading law firm. Co-Founder of 9900 intelligence alumni association.


Director of Finance and operations at Collider Ventures, a venture capital background from EY, one of the largest multinational professional services networks.



Sovryn develops a Bitcoin-Native decentralized trading and lending platform. A comprehensive suite of the most successful DeFi use-cases, optimized for Bitcoin and Bitcoiners.


BeamX is building a confidential DeFi ecosystem to enable DAPPs for a range of use-cases from governance and voting to financial instruments as trading, lending and stablecoins.


StakeWise develops a secure ETH 2.0 staking platform. StakeWise unlocks the power of DeFi for ETH staking with liquidity and a dual-token mechanism to maximize potential yield. 

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Hats is a decentralized cybersecurity incentive network. Governed by its community stakeholders — Hackers, Projects, and Token holders — to incentivize protocols security.


ICHI is a community governed family of stablecoins, designed to drive scarcity of member coins, provide price stability, and community treasury to projects.


Liquality is a decentralized cross-chain liquidity network and wallet, for the growing number of L1 & L2 blockchains and protocols, each with its own wallet, standards, and liquidity pools.

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Everbloom is a mobile-first, one-stop-shop for creatives to create, express, connect, and transact NFTs, in an easy, beautiful, and customizable platform on top of the Flow chain.


Loop is a decentralized community platform and a cross-chain AMM DEX for the Terra ecosystem, with a bridge to Solana, Ethereum, Cosmos, BSC and more. 


Levana is a leverage AMM DEX for the Terra ecosystem, bringing leverage to any asset; Leverage Index Tokens, Perpetual Swaps, Tokenized Swaps, Crosschain Perps and more.

Collider Labs logo2.png