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The Israeli crypto ecosystem is skyrocketing. We've mapped out all the crypto startups building in the space, spanning multiple categories—from infrastructure and security to DeFi and Compliance. Every Israeli company pushing the frontier of crypto is in one single place.

Why Israel

The Israeli Crypto Ecosystem is a convergence of risk-taking entrepreneurs, academic luminaries, and intelligence experts. This pioneering combination has placed Israel at the forefront of technological advancement around the world.


Israel is a powerhouse of risk-taking & innovation. We solve the unsolvable. Home to some of the world's most successful startups, we have the 7th largest number of unicorns despite being only 0.1% of the global population.


Leading academics like Eli Ben Sasson, Shaffi Goldwasser, Yehuda Lindell, Aviv Zohar, Eran Tromer, and Guy Zyskind have conceived and developed revolutionary technologies like MPC, ZKP, and FHE. Additionally, Israelis' experience in elite & intelligence units gives them invaluable lessons & expertise. Israel has captured 40% of the total worldwide funds raised by cybersecurity startups.

Why Collider 

Collider is doubling down on crypto AND Israel. We created this platform to better understand the industry’s landscape, track progress, and identify trends.


We’ve spent a lot of time mapping this rising ecosystem, but in case we missed anyone - ping us! The more, the merrier. It's public to everyone, so join us in the journey of making Israel a crypto powerhouse.




Israel's Crypto Ecosystem Map

Welcome to the first community-led Israel Crypto Ecosystem Map, published  by Collider and amplified by Startup Nation's builders and founders

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