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Analytics companies help users, protocols and law enforcement agencies  explore on-chain data

In 2023, there were 357 hacks and fraud incidents which caused almost $2 billion in losses. This map is a small tribute to the hundreds of startups working to keep you - whether you're a user or a protocol - safe in the DeFi wild west. We've mapped out more than 380 companies that are mitigating some kind of risk across 15 different categories.

Why Safety

The Safety ecosystem is somewhat of a forgotten narrative. Hardly anyone talks about Safety, no fund will publicly announce that its thesis revolves around investing in the Safety space, and Security Conferences tend to be small, niche events. Moreover, projects often relegate Safety to an afterthought, prioritizing Total Value Locked over robustness. Safety needs to become DeFi's cornerstone—it's an essential requirement to onboard the next billion users and institutional players. 

Why Israel & Collider 

Just as Israel paved the road towards a secure web2, Israel will do it for web3. There are already plenty of companies building in the space, and Israel is undoubtedly home to the largest or second-largest cluster of security projects in Crypto. Collider, as an Israeli fund, is set on leveraging this competitive edge, tapping into this never ending pool of talent and innovation. The core of our strategy is to identify these exceptional founders early in the game and support them on their journey to success.




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Crypto 2024 Safety Ecosystem Map

 Unveiling the 2024 Crypto Safety Landscape - A thorough map covering all the companies that help you sleep well at night.

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