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A Quantitative Hedge Fund aimed at outperforming classic investing methods.

Fund Principals


Guillaume: +33 612 365 048

Sharon: +972 544 228 670



The model  trades  24/7  without  any human emotion or interaction in order to optimise performance.

This Fund uses a quantitative, long-only model, meaning there is a fully automated investment process based on historical data to trade non-random market momentum. 

This  algorithm  continuously  scans  the market for opportunities.
Thanks  to  our  proprietary volatility  scoring  system, we can  detect major trends as early as possible.


Trading BTC and ETH for most  of  the time,  we  remain  open  to  trading other  highly  liquid  assets.  

 We will be enforcing a strict drawdown exposure thanks to systematic stop-losses at respectively 3% and 4% for Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Our main focus is capital preservation.


Funds are constantly in Cold Wallets with exchange mirroring.

We have a zero tolerance policy for major losses.



“Cut your losers fast, and let your winners run!” is a great quote to summarise this model.

Our winning trades last on average two months and our losing trades last on average one week.

The system has all been thoroughly backtested over ten years of available trading data.


Our trading models have been stress tested on major instruments. We are monitoring the system daily in order to optimise our risk exposure.

Our trading infrastructure has been built and is maintained in-house. 

The goal is to identify trends as they appear  as  quick  as  possible  and ride them until they end thanks to a proprietary indicator blend.


The model always reacts to the present instead of trying to predict the future price of an asset. There are no take-profit targets on our trading entries, only a stop-loss.


We  flow  with  the  market  and  ride trends for as long as they are present. We are prepared to harness Crypto’s volatility.

Our trading model is a long-term momentum algorithm that relies on  price  and  time  as  it’s  major dynamics.

Trading Process.

A Distinctive Investment Vehicle

Collider Quant's Mission 

We believe in harnessing Crypto’s upside potential while avoiding major drawdowns caused by it’s extreme volatility.

Four years in the making, our proprietary Trend-Following system is fully automated, trading 24/7 without human interference.

Deeply focused on risk-management, this fund stems from a simple quote: “Cut your losers fast, and let your winners run!”

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