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Deep Tech - MPC / ZK / Encryptoon / Cryptography

Entrepreneurship / Executive Management

ETH Ecosystem: L2 / Sidechains / Rollups 

Cybersecurity / Auditing / Security focused development

Social / Marketing / Branding / Community / Content

Storage / Decentralized compute 

Legal / Compliance / Tax / Insurance 

Research / Market Analysis & Intelligence / Publication

Fund & Teasury management / Algo-Trading / Market Making

Crypto-Economics / Token-Economics / Mechanism Design

Infrastructure / Blockchain Operations / Developer tools

Payments / Onramp & Offramp / Fintech

Gaming / Play 2 Earn / Metaverse 

HR: Recruitment, management, interview processes

User Experience / Interfaces / Design / Workflows

Alt Ecosystems: Cosmos / Polkadot / Near / Solana / Flow / Celo 

Smart contract Development / Protocol Engineering

Governance / DAO formation & Design / voting processes

Privacy / Identity / Data Custody

NFTs: Music / Art / Financial / eCommerce

Hardware: ASICs, designated Chips 

The Opportunity


And early investment in promising early sage companies



A curated list of startups operating in web3, incubated and invested by Collider



Join a select, global list of leaders in the web3 space


Work with an elite group of early-stage companies who are building at the bleeding edge of Web3. Beyond relationships and meaningful interactions with the teams and the overall Collider network, you will also have the ability to turn these opportunities for advisory, board positions, consulting work, investment and more. 

One Requirement:

Four slots of 30 minutes, per week

We are looking for professionals and experts in the following topics:

Collider view night

Collider Mentor Network

active role in the most promising web3 startups from around the world. 

Part of Collider Labs

A unique program that pairs with early-stage web3 companies from inception.

Collider Labs provides tailor-made support with initial capital, an investor in residence mentorship, and a network of experts to help your startup to succeed in this new paradigm.


Mentors are integral to the success of Collider's portfolio companies. Our mentor network has investors, industry leaders, and founders from web3 who have built and supported early-stage companies in past.

Applications are now open for
talented experts to expand our mentor ecosystem.

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