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Our Companies.

The companies in which Collider invests are our core and the reason we do it all. We’re delegators, node operators, liquidity providers, trusted co-signers in multisig wallets. We are active participants in our networks, in governance decisions, proposals, and votes. 

We help our companies with business development, token economics, bootstrapping networks and being their biggest liquidity providers, and help companies navigate the ecosystem and competitors by improving their go to market strategies.


The team has been in the blockchain space for a decade now, and we’re not going anywhere. We’re here to see that our portfolio companies make a positive impact in the ecosystem which we believe will improve the lives of billions by decentralizing the power of control over finance.


Thessy Liquality

Thessy Mehrain.


Avishay, Eylon and team have guided us through a successful funding round with business acumen, providing fruitful introductions, a deep understanding of our near term business needs and long term impact goals.  They have turned into trusted business partners and valued friends.

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